Wednesday, June 3, 2009

filled to be emptied again...

I had the amazing opportunity to join Matt, my sister Laura and her husband Shawn for the Hillsong United concert last night. What an amazing encounter with believers of a huge God...Who also met us there in that place. In my current state of loss...both a baby, and now a job, my certainty and hope is found in nothing that I can see or touch...

and it's hard.

I would lying if I told you that I follow what I believe - that God has a plan and WILL reveal it to me...AND He will provide. I find myself overwhelmed by my own thoughts and frustration. This is one of those moments when I struggle to say that I will bring praise.

God lets me have my fits of resistance and anger until He can (and will) reveal to me that glimpse...and holds me in the meantime.

I found this video on youtube of a song that spoke to my heart so much last night.