Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dear Glory Baby,

My sweet child, I can't help but think about the moments I would be having on this day had God not taken you to heaven before I could even lay eyes on you. This date, your due date, will forever remind you of the heavenly life you're living, having been spared of the pain life on this earth can often bring. I am embracing, in new ways everyday, the blessing that it is to know that the same thing that brings me pain and sadness is giving you life with the Father that loves you more than I am capable of loving you...and that, my baby, is a lot.

For the last 9 months I've thought about holding you, rocking you, being the only person who can calm your cry. And now, on the day that was all supposed to happen, I can only think about the heavenly arms holding you today. And He will be everything you will ever need your whole life.

This date provides such a sweet reminder that God chose you, little one, to work in your mama's life, and in the lives of hundreds of other people who know of your conception. I am blessed to be the mother of a child whose life has held so much meaning and one of the most significant sources of hope for many people who have dealt with loss, who are walking through it now, and who will face it in the future. You, sweet baby, are a tool used by God and it required not even one breath breathed by you on this earth.

Now, as you worship in heaven with your younger sister, know that your mom and dad see the love of God in new and precious ways because of your life. I promise to think of you every year on this day and celebrate your life in heaven...indeed a small celebration compared to the party you are having in heaven daily. We will choose daily not to waste your life by giving in to sadness and despair, but instead, rejoicing in the promises of our Savior that it will not easy, but we will not do it alone.

God is good. And I know that more because of you, sweet child. Mom and dad love you just as we will love any of your siblings we may know on this earth.

Happy Birthday, Glory baby.

I love you,