Tuesday, October 28, 2008



dollars raised for cancer


miles of preparation

days of training

charities supported

encouraging text messages

miles covered

food and water stops

family members to cheer for us

hours of running

whispered prayers

God glorified.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

maybe luck?

As we were pulling out of our neighborhood this morning to begin our trek to DC for the Marathon this weekend, I saw a friendly face to start the journey. I smiled as I saw Old Man Runner, in full stride, pass in front of the car.

My pride wanted me to yell out the window, "Hey, I'm running a marathon tomorrow!".

Maybe I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

I think he would be proud.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I thought I'd post part of an email I sent out to donors and potential donors for our marathon this Sunday. It is coming quickly and we're excited to run and excited to finished with training for awhile. :) We're so thankful to have capable bodies given to us by God to complete such a physically and mentally trying challenge. I looked at our training schedule this week and felt so amazed looking back over all the miles we've run. By Thursday, we'll have logged over 400 miles since May!

Here are some things I've learned since we started training:

Every little bit counts.

It is strange to look back on our training schedule and see 2 and 3 mile runs throughout the weeks. Just two weeks ago, when we ran our longest run in training (20 miles) I remember thinking that 2 and 3 miles seem like a walk to the mailbox. The educated and experienced people that created our training schedule knew that if it weren't for those 2 and 3 mile runs, we could never complete 26.2.

We've had several large monetary donations since we sent our first email and we're so grateful for those large, generous donations. But, what has been most impactful is the HUGE number of donations just $25 and below. And they have added up to nearly 60% of our goal!

Pain is fleeting compared to the reason why we're running.

The opportunity came to us to participate as charity runners for the American Cancer Society and I don't think either of us knew then the impact it could have our perspective the last few months. We've been so fortunate to avoid any major injuries to keep us from running, although we've had numerous smaller injuries that come with training as much as we have. And boy, have we complained! First our feet, then our knees, then our hips, then the blisters (oh the blisters), and even the muscle cramps. Recently, when I was on the first quarter mile of a run, my mind immediately went to the pain in my right foot and how I would have to endure that pain for the next 11.75 miles. After a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself, my mind shifted to those who we are running for - those who suffered or who are still suffering daily with pain due to cancer. I felt so humbled by knowing that my pain is fleeting and would probably heal on its own with a little ice and rest. Since then, I have been mindful of what I complain about and have shifted my focus to those who suffer more significant pain everyday.

We can't do this alone.

Even though we're running the race with our own two legs, Matt and I would not have been able to get to this point without endless words of encouragement and so many running partners. Some of you have joined us for nearly 100 of those miles and we wish you could be with us for the marathon!

We've raised nearly $2000 thanks to all of you. So many donations from you have made this day possible and we're truly grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Finally, we can't step up to the starting line without acknowledging who has been with us through every mile. God is so faithful and we're running for HIS glory. So many of my long runs (and not enough of my short runs) have been filled with whispers to God asking for strength and thanking Him for perfectly crafting our bodies to accomplish such a feat. We'll cross the line on Sunday because of our Heavenly Father!

If you'd still like to donate, we still need your help. We're just under $75 away from our goal and we're excited to know that our goal will be met with your help. Every dollar counts. You can go to www.werunforcancer.com and click "donate". It would be awesome to go above and beyond our goal!

If you haven't already submitted a name of a loved one who suffered from cancer or who is still battling cancer, it's not too late. We will be getting our shirts made tomorrow morning! So please email me (or comment under this post) any names you'd like to appear on our shirts by tonight!

Thanks again for all you have done for us! Please keep us in your prayers on Sunday morning between 8a.m. and 1p.m. We will no doubt feel your prayers with every step.

Running for the glory of God,

Katie & Matt

I've been tagged

This is sort of fun.....

8 things I did yesterday
1. Sat in church with 3 of my best friends
2. Spent $223 at Panera (seriously)
3. Threw a bridal shower
4. Made some punch
5. Smiled for 30 pictures
6. Sat in a car for 2.5 hours
7. Marveled at the carpentry skills of my husband
8. Went to bed at 9p.m.

8 favorite places to eat - in no particular order
1. Taco Bell
2. Neato Burrito
3. Chic-fil-a
4. Panera Bread
5. Grotto's Pizza
6. PF Changs
7. Pizza Grille
8. My couch

8 Favorite TV shows
1.The Office (duh)
2. Project Runway
3. The Hills (no comments please)
4. Friends
5. Jon & Kate plus 8
6. The Martha Stewart Show (even thought I can't stand to listen to her voice)
7. Split Ends
8. Cash Cab

8 things on my wish list
1. To start my own business
2. To buy an old house and fix it up real nice
3. To finish my marathon on sunday
4. To have children
5. To have a famous blog (and not know it)
6. A Canon 40D and some sweet lenses
7. To have financial freedom
8. To be consistent in my daily walk with Christ

Now I will tag
1. Dulci
2. Kendy
3. Heather (which means you'll have to start a blog)
4. Paula
5. Jenn Parker (even though she doesn't blog but told me this weekend she reads mine all the time...shout out)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Old Man Runner

Yesterday, I was on the last half mile of my run and off in the distance I could see the struggled stride of Old Man Runner. Like clockwork. As I got closer, making sure I was attempting eye contact in case he decided to acknowledge me, he looked up and pointed at me with a nod as if he was saying "There's my girl." As we passed, I smiled and was delighted at Old Man Runner's reaction to seeing me.

No more than 25 steps later, I turned around to check traffic so I could make my jaunt across the street. To my surprise, I saw Old Man Runner heading in my direction. Earlier, when I saw him passing me in the opposite direction, Old Man Runner's stride was slow and fatigued. At this moment, he was gaining on me rapidly, taking large, quick strides. I shook my head. Just when I thought I had gained the respect of Old Man Runner, he turns on his cocky attitude again and passes the "young girl who thinks shes better than me" (or so he may say in his Old Man Runner blog).

He maintained his speed for another quarter mile just until I could barely see him anymore.

Then I saw him stop and walk.

Then he turned around and started running back toward me.

When we reached the point of passing for the 3rd time that morning, there was no waving and no smiling, and I said under my breath "yeah but I'M running a MARATHON next week."

I felt better.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eat For A Cause!

(click on image to enlarge!)