Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Old Man Runner

Yesterday, I was on the last half mile of my run and off in the distance I could see the struggled stride of Old Man Runner. Like clockwork. As I got closer, making sure I was attempting eye contact in case he decided to acknowledge me, he looked up and pointed at me with a nod as if he was saying "There's my girl." As we passed, I smiled and was delighted at Old Man Runner's reaction to seeing me.

No more than 25 steps later, I turned around to check traffic so I could make my jaunt across the street. To my surprise, I saw Old Man Runner heading in my direction. Earlier, when I saw him passing me in the opposite direction, Old Man Runner's stride was slow and fatigued. At this moment, he was gaining on me rapidly, taking large, quick strides. I shook my head. Just when I thought I had gained the respect of Old Man Runner, he turns on his cocky attitude again and passes the "young girl who thinks shes better than me" (or so he may say in his Old Man Runner blog).

He maintained his speed for another quarter mile just until I could barely see him anymore.

Then I saw him stop and walk.

Then he turned around and started running back toward me.

When we reached the point of passing for the 3rd time that morning, there was no waving and no smiling, and I said under my breath "yeah but I'M running a MARATHON next week."

I felt better.

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Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

I love your competitive nature, Katie. It brings out the best in you! (Probably the worst, too, but I don't usually get to see that part of you.) I think Old Man Runner may be a tad bit competitive, too. :)

I love this continuing saga.