Friday, April 25, 2008

if these shoes could talk...

mode. stopwatch. start.
so close to home but so far away.
the beginning is the hardest.
cross the road.
i hope the roadkill is cleaned up today.
gross. look left. LOOK LEFT.
duck under the evergreen that overlaps the sidewalk.
traffic light #1.
no one is playing tennis today.
they finally got the windows put in that new construction.
one mile down.
that's a lot of dandilions.
traffic light #2.
my, it's awfully early to be laying out in the sun.
this grooved sidewalk feels good.
half of the students in that dorm are still asleep.
here comes a hill.
traffic light #3
should i turn now or go for another mile?
mile 2
traffic light #4
ah, downhill
construction blocking the sidewalk. better cross.
big hill now.
almost to rite-aid.
that house is still for sale.
traffic light #5
that is a nice yard.
little hill.
three miles down.
the long downhill.
i love this road.
i think i know that lady.
traffic light #6
weave through the trash cans.
almost to the elementary school.
little annoying hill.
4 miles.
ah, the 7th traffic light (same as the first) is in sight.
oh, i hope that dog is on a leash.
all bark, no bite.
movin faster than the cars.
traffic light #7
final turn.
cross the road after the red car.
now. cross.
brown shoe - in bad shape.
other brown shoe - in worse shape than the first.
oh, they fixed their fence.
made it to the church.
it's almost over.
sprint to the neighborhood
made it.
stopwatch stopped.

4.9 miles.

again tomorrow?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

buds and giggles

Today I spent a little time in the morning working in the garden before really diving into work and before baby Brooke came for a few hours. I transplanted a few of my Moonflowers, vine-like plant with 6in diameter blooms that open in the evening and throughout the night (similar to Morning Glories) last week and now that the ground is warm enough, I wanted to get some bulbs (Freesia and DayLillies) in the ground. I also transplanted some Cosmos and Morning Glories. This weekend hope to transplant some Petunias and some of my perrienial Poppies. I'm realizing now that I have too many plants and not enough garden. I'll have to get some planters to just put on the deck for some of the leftover buds. Here are some updated photos of all the growth in the last week and a half. This is for Jenn who called last week to "see how the flowers are growing!

(click to enlarge)

In the afternoon I had my regularly visiting Brooke come over for a few hours while her mom, Nikki, was coaching softball. She is very responsive – smiling a lot and "talking" just to hear the sound of her voice. Here are some cute pics and a video I got of her doing a little "talking."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a week!

My sister Carrie and her husband, Chris visited this past week with my nephew Wyatt who is growing up so fast! I also got to watch a friend's little girl, Brooke, who is three months old a few days too. Then, on Thursday, our friend Beccah and her husband came for a few days with their three kids. It was a houseful of kids! Here are a few pics and videos of my time with the family.

Wyatt and Auntie Katie

Sleepy Wyatt and Uncle Dave

I promise he loves drums more than dolls

Wyatt chillin in grandma's chair like a stud

Natalie and her only breakdown of her life - in the car to the mall

Naked Wyatt drumming with Kaylie

Brooke and her blow-out. How can such a tiny baby
such a big nasty mess?

Wyatt kept hugging Brooke saying "ooooh baby" in a very gentle voice

Helping wash the car

"My Parents Are Exhausted"

ALL the kiddos in the backyard with Dad and our neighbor (and their two huge dogs)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They're growing up!

I was SUPER excited when I went to put all my planters out in th sun this morning and found out that a bunch of seedlings have sprouted! Early in day for, I saw 2-3 sprouts in about half of the planters. And, this afternoon when I went for a little photo-op (can you tell I'm a proud first-time gardener?) even MORE had sprouted up above the soil. I knew I'd be giving updates, but I didn't realize they would be this early. Thanks for humoring me.