Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a week!

My sister Carrie and her husband, Chris visited this past week with my nephew Wyatt who is growing up so fast! I also got to watch a friend's little girl, Brooke, who is three months old a few days too. Then, on Thursday, our friend Beccah and her husband came for a few days with their three kids. It was a houseful of kids! Here are a few pics and videos of my time with the family.

Wyatt and Auntie Katie

Sleepy Wyatt and Uncle Dave

I promise he loves drums more than dolls

Wyatt chillin in grandma's chair like a stud

Natalie and her only breakdown of her life - in the car to the mall

Naked Wyatt drumming with Kaylie

Brooke and her blow-out. How can such a tiny baby
such a big nasty mess?

Wyatt kept hugging Brooke saying "ooooh baby" in a very gentle voice

Helping wash the car

"My Parents Are Exhausted"

ALL the kiddos in the backyard with Dad and our neighbor (and their two huge dogs)

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Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Oh my gosh! Wyatt is so big!