Monday, September 29, 2008

Puke can be attractive...

If it was on these burp cloths! I got inspired by a baby shower I attended in the spring and had the chance to make some for two friends who are (and were) pregnant. The first set was for my old co-worker and current friend, Dulci who is having her first child this winter. The gender neutral colors was a fun challenge.

The second set was for oldest and dearest friend, Kristin, and her new baby, Sadie Katie Harman Jones, born less than a week ago! Sadie Kate's nursery is decorated with reds and yellows so I used that for the color inspiration!

If you're interested in custom burp cloths to give as a gift, contact me!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lunch date with Macy

Yesterday, I took Macy Gibson, black eye and all, out for an afternoon of lunch and errands. When I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch she said, "MOES!" A child after my own heart! Moe's is one of my favorite places to eat. This growing 6 year old consumed two whole chicken tacos and lots of chips! Here are some photos (most courtesy of Macy) of our afternoon out. Thanks for a fun afternoon, Macy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I run with an old man...

Almost every time I run, I see the same older man running. Hardly ever on the same road as the last time, and at various times in the day. And, as most runners do, I wave to him and smile every time. Old Man Runner is grumpy because he hardly ever smiles or waves back.

Old Man Runner is in great shape. He doesn't have a great stride. In fact, when I see him from a distance it often looks like he's in pain. But, I know he runs far and frequently.

Old Man Runner is also in prideful, I think. I remember the first time I ever saw him was on the last mile of a long run in my training. I was so pooped. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him passing me. I was surprised to be passed by him considering his stride and age. (Hm, maybe I'm the proud one.) Then, another day, I was starting on the first mile of my run and I saw him from a distance running in the same direction about 50 yards in front of me. A few minutes later I was gaining on him. Just as I got about 3 feet in front of him, Old Man Runner kicked it into high gear and re-gained the lead. I never caught him after that.

Matt and I have joked about the conversation that Old Man Runner had with his wife that day. Something like this...

"Wife, a young girl tried to pass me today on my run! But I wasn't going to let THAT happen! I passed her so fast she didn't know what hit her! I've been running longer than she's been alive! Pass me....pfft."

And then Old Man Runner's wife would walk away and roll her eyes.

He intrigues me so much. Usually running in sunglasses so I don't often see his eyes, but I know he sees me and he's bound to recognize me considering the amount of times we've passed each other.

Today on my run, Old Man Runner appeared just over the hill near my neighborhood. As he got closer, I on the sidewalk and he in the road, I smiled.

And, today, he finally smiled back. I don't know if we'll ever be running friends that train together, but I got my smile.

See you tomorrow, Old Man Runner.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Those days.

6:20 a.m. and Matt realized his alarm didn't wake him up, and he jolted himself out of bed with a plan to be at work by 6:30. I should have known right then we'd have one of those days...

6:45, I found out shortly after he left that he forgot his phone.

I had a nightmare between 6:30 and 7:30...a parking attendant in Philly was chasing me around trying to kill me.

7:30, I felt SO groggy from running from the angry parking attendant.

8:30, I was out the door on my way to my doctor's appointment in Central Philly. No traffic, no problem.

9:30, about to reach the exit....oh blast! That WAS the exit. Lets try this road....nope.

9:40, crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge into NJ...yes, the appointment is in Philly, not Jersey.

9:43, realized there is a toll to go BACK over the BFBridge. I never carry cash. Alas, I have $4. The toll is $4! God is good.

9:47, back in PA, found the parking lot, parked (I'm a regular in this lot now). Security attendant was friendly. Day was getting better.

9:50, signed in. Took my seat in the waiting room.

10:00, walked back out to the parking lot.... appointment is tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Macy turns 5!

What fun to see the delight of a brand new five-year-old when she discovers she has 3 more webkinz to add to her collection. We celebrated the five years of Miss Macy Grace Gibson with a quaint gathering of her biggest fans. Here are some fun moments of the day.

The Gibsons: Nolan, Jenna, Sadie, Annie Kate, and Macy (l to r)

Crazy Birthday Girl

One of my favorite moments of the day. Heather left me with the kids while she ran to the store and we had a blast with the camera!

Macy's surprise cake with a webkinz on top! What could be better?

Matt and Sadie. She only likes him.

Generous birthday girl sharing her frosting candles.

SO ready to dig in!


That's better.

A door to door salesman came to the door during gift time and Heather was kind enough to hear his pitch. Jenna was not as patient.

What? A Webkinz?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anniversary Trip in NYC

Two weekends ago, Matt and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in New York City. We had a GREAT time getting to know the city and playing tourists covering as actual New Yorkers. At the beginning of the weekend I hid the map of the Manhattan in my purse so no one would see the me looking at it...I lost that pride after the first half of the first day. Who cares? I realized I'd never see these people again. The map was a permanent fixture in my hand. Actually, by the end of the weekend (combined with my previous knowledge of the last 8 trips to NYC I've taken) we were practically map-free while walking. We took on the subway, and had it mastered by sunday as well. Here are some highlights of the trip:

  • Running. Matt and I, in preparation for our marathon had to run 10 miles on saturday. So, we woked up and walked toward Central Park. On our way there, we crossed Park Ave only to discover that on saturdays during the month of August, they city closes a 7 mile stretch of Park Ave to traffic so that runners, walkers, bikers, and rollerbladers could take advantage of the open road. What a blast! We were able to run almost to the Brooklyn Bridge, then all through central park. We completed our run with various water/drink breaks courtesy of various vendors on the streets.

  • Worship. On Sunday morning, Matt and I boarded the subway to Brooklyn and attended the Brooklyn Tabernacle. I grew up listening to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir so to be there worshiping along with about 2500 other people was amazing! I didn't get any pictures but I did pull out my camera during worship so those who know of this awesome place could hear what I heard. All you see in the video is the ceiling so just close your eyes and listen...

Here are some other pictures from the weekend.

Driving into the city via crowded 42nd street.

The HUGE buildings

Times Square

Matt & I on the subway

Ground Zero - still under construction

It was hard to believe that there used to be two HUGE buildings here.

Watching a random street (spray)painter

Matt waiting for the subway, counting the change he had left after this trip (j/k)

Visiting the Guggenheim Museum

I got in trouble for taking this picture (and a few others). I figured it was worth it.

On the steps in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Walking alongside Central Park, back to our hotel for a much needed NAP!

We saw 'Wicked' during our trip there. It was an amazing show.
Below is the old lady who was taking tickets and handing out playbills.
After I took this picture (also illegal) she shined her flashlight in my eyes.
Also, worth it :)

View of the city as we were leaving.

And look who we ran into in a rest area on the New Jersey turnpike! This is our friend Jay, and his son Drew. We haven't seen Jay and his wife, Christine since Drew was born in June! What a fun surprise!