Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I like to kick the devils butt...

I have been feeling pretty bad that I've been neglecting my blog (again). It's not because my life is uneventful or I'm not learning anything, or that I'm too busy to keep my readers (the 3 of you) deprived of the life of Katie. But now is a good time to write...

I just boiled some water to make some soup and while I was waiting I opened my email. My water is still boiling (or maybe gone) because I just had to come and share. My sister Laura sent me this link to the same song I blogged about not too long ago. She was visiting me yesterday and we had some praise and worship in her car as we went about our day...mostly Hillsong worship. We talked about The Desert Song and how much I loved it. So when she saw this video, she sent it to me. Now that I've wiped away my tears and stopped by boo-hooing, I wanted to share it with you.

I especially love what Jill's friend said about her singing and glorifying God in the midst of her tragedy that "the devil lost what he was trying to do".

The devil is defeated with each shout or whisper of praise I offer to Heaven out of the pains of my circumstances. And the most encouraging thing is, when I can't sing my praise, when pain and doubt have gotten the best of me, even when the devil is still at work, trying to defeat my spirit, GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE.

I am going to go make my soup now, and sing praise while I do it!