Thursday, December 31, 2009


Oh, 2009.

I still can't believe the year we've had. Although the memories of 2009 still seem as vivid as if they happened yesterday, looking back on a year ago seems so far away. God has done amazing things in my life - things that made no sense to me at all - and He was sovereign through it all.

I could view this year with some stats and feel pretty hopeless; two failed pregnancies, months of unemployment, countless new babies being born all around me, numerous months of trying to get pregnant, and a broken furnace to top the year off (a pricey replacement). And although I could throw my hands up and say "Good riddance, 2009!" because of what it seemed to cost me, I think I'd rather view this year through a different lens....a lens of hope.

Two failed pregnancies can look like two little lives that have impacted so many others - that are worshipping at Jesus' feet at this very moment. That's hope.

Months of unemployment can look like a summer of counting my blessings and seeing ALL that I have...and all I don't deserve. That's hope.

All the new babies around me can look like lives that glorify God that will be raised to join His Kingdom. That's hope.

I'm still breathing. I have a home. My husband loves me. I am a child of God. Hope, hope, hope and hope.

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."
- Romans 8:18

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Born to reign in us forever

Come, Thou long expected Jesus
Born to set Thy people free;
From our fears and sins release us,
Let us find our rest in Thee.
Israel's strength and consolation,
Hope of all the earth Thou art;
Dear desire of every nation,
Joy of every longing heart.

Born Thy people to deliver,
Born a child and yet a King,
Born to reign in us forever,
Now Thy gracious kingdom bring.
By Thine own eternal Spirit
Rule in all our hearts alone;
By Thine all sufficient merit,
Raise us to Thy glorious throne.