Monday, November 26, 2007

next steps...

Although some of you have already heard it from me, I thought I'd write about to gather more prayer partners...I've been faced with some unfortunate events at my current job and I don't feel this is where God would have me remain much longer. I have been very unhappy with my work load and the company as a whole seems to be a major step below my initial impression and expectations. My job description has changed drastically since I started and I'm not finding nearly the satisfaction as I have had in any of my previous jobs.

As I explore other options, I hope that you will pray with me about these next steps and that God will open and close doors to guide me in His plan. I will not quit my current job until I find a new position for please pray for perseverance to get through each day.

Any employment ideas are more than welcome!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Philly Champion...

Yesterday, my husband, Matt ran in the Philadelphia Half-Marathon. Even thought he only trained a small amount, he finished in the top 25% of the half-marathoners! He finshed 13.1 miles in 1:47:21. You can see his complete results here. I was a very proud wife. I would post photos, but like I said before, my camera is broken. I got to record some pretty cool video on my phone at the start. It was very motivating watching people from all ages and shapes and sizes achieve such a great accomplishment. Hopefully it will be me in that pack next year!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


"What is that number," you ask? My cholesterol. I know, I know–I'm only 24! Well, I love cheese–in any form....cheesesteaks, pizza, by the block, grilled cheese, and most of all, parmesan.

Not sure what spurred on my desire to get it checked. I saw dad's numbers the other night and knew I am not so disciplined when it comes to eating right. So, I went into CardioKinetics (My husband's family's company) and all of the siblings checked it for me.

It was eerily quiet in the room when they first read the number. And I burst into laughter. But, I did leave there with more than just a bruised finger. I got great advice from my brother-and-sister-in-laws...

So, no more eating cheese by the block, and more veggies (ick).

Saturday, November 10, 2007

my girls...

Before I moved to Delaware, I babysat for a little girl named Lilly on a regular basis. Paul and Kathy, Lilly's parents became fast friends of mine. My roommate, Melissa, and I went from just babysitting to going over to their house for dinner, and they even took us on vacation with them! (picture to the right-Lilly and me on the beach) We became part of the family very quickly. I taught Lilly how to curl her tongue (picture to the right-Lilly when she was about a year old) and she was also the flower girl in our wedding. This Spring, Kate became a new addition to the Bruder family. I only got to watch Kate a couple of times before I moved home.

Anyway, Kathy sent me these pictures yesterday and I thought they were appropriate to share. These are my girls, growing up quickly. For those of you who know Lilly and Kate, you'll appreciate these.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

visiting with sisters...

So I've been home alone this week as Matt is in Kansas City for work. I've taken advantage of my independence and done things like stay at Decorative Distributors (my favorite decorating store) for hours, visiting friends far away, and eating Taco Bell and Grotto's pizza for dinner.
Last night Amy and I (Carrie, you were totally missed-love you) drove down to Towson to visit Laura and Shawn and see their renovation in progress. They bought an awesome and old bungalow style house built in the 1920's in a really cool neighborhood. Since Shawn owns a remodeling business, he took on this project shortly after they got married and hasn't stopped since. They're living in Laura's apartment for now until the house is livable. Shawn was asking about paint color and various design choices. I'm really excited to see it in its more finished stages. It will be a pleasure to visit Laura and Shawn in their new house! Next time I go I'll take pictures so you can see it!

I know I already posted photos of the fuzzy dice costumes but here are a couple that Kristy sent to me that are hilarious. We went to a costume party in Lancaster a few weekends ago and since we didn't have our camera Kristy took some and just sent them. Enjoy :)Happily Married Dice! & Matt not looking too thrilled with the costumes I made :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Lynchburg, football and family

This weekend, Matt and I drove down to Lynchburg, VA to visit Matt's cousin Brandon and his wife, Ashleigh. Brandon is the Quarterbacks coach/Passing game coordinator for the Liberty University football team. We arrived late friday night and stayed up until about 1am talking with Bran and Ash. We did a little shopping saturday then to the game in the afternoon. Liberty games are fun because the fans/students have a lot of spirit and energy. Sunday we woke up and started the drive back home. The car trip was fun....Virginia is beautiful in the fall...but we were glad when we got to take a pit-stop at Matt's other cousins' houses in Northern VA near DC. It was fun to catch up with the Streeters and the Wivells and of course get a kiss from almost 2-year-old Braden. Here he is in his Pirate costume for Halloween with his dad Jason. He kept saying "ARRRRRGG" and "walk the plank."

We left Ashburn to take Matt to the airport after that. Matt is in Kansas City this week until friday morning. I have plans to visit Laura in Baltimore, go shopping with friends, and do some projects around the house. The bed was very big last night....