Thursday, November 8, 2007

visiting with sisters...

So I've been home alone this week as Matt is in Kansas City for work. I've taken advantage of my independence and done things like stay at Decorative Distributors (my favorite decorating store) for hours, visiting friends far away, and eating Taco Bell and Grotto's pizza for dinner.
Last night Amy and I (Carrie, you were totally missed-love you) drove down to Towson to visit Laura and Shawn and see their renovation in progress. They bought an awesome and old bungalow style house built in the 1920's in a really cool neighborhood. Since Shawn owns a remodeling business, he took on this project shortly after they got married and hasn't stopped since. They're living in Laura's apartment for now until the house is livable. Shawn was asking about paint color and various design choices. I'm really excited to see it in its more finished stages. It will be a pleasure to visit Laura and Shawn in their new house! Next time I go I'll take pictures so you can see it!

I know I already posted photos of the fuzzy dice costumes but here are a couple that Kristy sent to me that are hilarious. We went to a costume party in Lancaster a few weekends ago and since we didn't have our camera Kristy took some and just sent them. Enjoy :)Happily Married Dice! & Matt not looking too thrilled with the costumes I made :)


Amy said...

That last picture is hysterical. Matt looks like he's about to rage against the costume! What a good sport!

brannabee said...

you guys are cute lil die. die, right? plural? um. it looks weird, but i'll take the chance. maybe dulciminatorial editorialness will correct me. but that's okay. point is? you're cute. looks like you're having fun!