Saturday, November 10, 2007

my girls...

Before I moved to Delaware, I babysat for a little girl named Lilly on a regular basis. Paul and Kathy, Lilly's parents became fast friends of mine. My roommate, Melissa, and I went from just babysitting to going over to their house for dinner, and they even took us on vacation with them! (picture to the right-Lilly and me on the beach) We became part of the family very quickly. I taught Lilly how to curl her tongue (picture to the right-Lilly when she was about a year old) and she was also the flower girl in our wedding. This Spring, Kate became a new addition to the Bruder family. I only got to watch Kate a couple of times before I moved home.

Anyway, Kathy sent me these pictures yesterday and I thought they were appropriate to share. These are my girls, growing up quickly. For those of you who know Lilly and Kate, you'll appreciate these.

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Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Wow! They really are growing up! It's amazing how much Lilly's expressions are changing from cute but grumpy to grown-up and grinning! :)