Thursday, November 15, 2007


"What is that number," you ask? My cholesterol. I know, I know–I'm only 24! Well, I love cheese–in any form....cheesesteaks, pizza, by the block, grilled cheese, and most of all, parmesan.

Not sure what spurred on my desire to get it checked. I saw dad's numbers the other night and knew I am not so disciplined when it comes to eating right. So, I went into CardioKinetics (My husband's family's company) and all of the siblings checked it for me.

It was eerily quiet in the room when they first read the number. And I burst into laughter. But, I did leave there with more than just a bruised finger. I got great advice from my brother-and-sister-in-laws...

So, no more eating cheese by the block, and more veggies (ick).


Amy said...

Hey, if this is the way to get to to eat the veggies then so be it! Just put the cheese on the veggies! wow...256...ouch

Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Wow, that isn't so great. Doesn't surprise me, though . . . I've seen how you eat. :)

Hey, at least you enjoy your food -- I think it's really sad that more people don't actually like eating.

Wait . . . 256? Being a graphic designer, doesn't that have a special significance for you? I think it has something to do with RGB values. :)

Carrie said...

You can go on the Cheerios Diet!