Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Macy turns 5!

What fun to see the delight of a brand new five-year-old when she discovers she has 3 more webkinz to add to her collection. We celebrated the five years of Miss Macy Grace Gibson with a quaint gathering of her biggest fans. Here are some fun moments of the day.

The Gibsons: Nolan, Jenna, Sadie, Annie Kate, and Macy (l to r)

Crazy Birthday Girl

One of my favorite moments of the day. Heather left me with the kids while she ran to the store and we had a blast with the camera!

Macy's surprise cake with a webkinz on top! What could be better?

Matt and Sadie. She only likes him.

Generous birthday girl sharing her frosting candles.

SO ready to dig in!


That's better.

A door to door salesman came to the door during gift time and Heather was kind enough to hear his pitch. Jenna was not as patient.

What? A Webkinz?