Monday, September 29, 2008

Puke can be attractive...

If it was on these burp cloths! I got inspired by a baby shower I attended in the spring and had the chance to make some for two friends who are (and were) pregnant. The first set was for my old co-worker and current friend, Dulci who is having her first child this winter. The gender neutral colors was a fun challenge.

The second set was for oldest and dearest friend, Kristin, and her new baby, Sadie Katie Harman Jones, born less than a week ago! Sadie Kate's nursery is decorated with reds and yellows so I used that for the color inspiration!

If you're interested in custom burp cloths to give as a gift, contact me!


Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

You know we'll use 'em! I could even post photos of them in use . . . or maybe not. :)

emilytroutmanphoto said...

Katie they're so cute!

Laura said...

geeez, i'm so pumped that you're my sister..... haha..... sorry i can't make you cute things like that...:) love you

danielle said...

i just made a pile of these last weekend! they were all fabric sewn down the middle with a ribbon border, so i really like your top 2/3rds with the bottom open design. i am inspired. =) yours look awesome!

brannabee said...

dear katie,
you rock and these are super amazingly adorable!