Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well I've loved the idea of working with flowers since high school. I love arranging and growing flowers and I've gotten to feed my desire a few times by dabbling in arranging for my wedding and for a couple of friends' weddings. It started because I wanted to save money and it has become something I want to do more and more!

This past weekend, I was given an awesome opportunity to style an entire wedding for my friend Andrea. I did my research on where I could order the flowers in wholesale and not get ripped off and I stumbled upon a place that provided us with 600 gorgeous roses that matched her wedding perfectly! Here are a few pics of the event!

The workspace with our helper

Bridesmaids bouquets with dark pink and orange roses

White rose Corsage!

Bridal bouquet! I thought it was so beautiful!

The back of my car has never looked and smelled so pretty!
On the way to the ceremony site on wedding day.

My favorite part. The swag for above the altar! It was so beautiful!

The finished product! And, we didn't break the bank!

Keep me in mind for your friends who may be getting married! I have also done events like showers and parties.


Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Your floral arranging leaves me breathless! SOOO beautiful, Katie! My favorite is the pure white bridal bouquet -- so many shapes and shades of white, so dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady - those flowers really do rock!!! You go :) - Emily