Saturday, September 11, 2010

one year later...welcoming another

These figures that sit in my home were a gift from my mother this year.
These faceless figures represent my Glory Babies who, no doubt, have had a glorious year together in heaven.


Most remember where they were nine years ago.

I remember most where I was one year ago.

This date rings familiar for so many and is connected with tragedy, loss and pain for so many. In my life, it is also a clear reminder of God's faithfulness.

A year ago, I sat in the hospital having lost our second baby. Even now through my tears, I can see so clearly the recovery room where I sat in disbelief and anguish, feeling so far from the place I am sitting today. It is no surprise that I am being inundated with emotion as I write, when just this morning, I was getting pictures taken of my swollen belly with an active little girl inside.

The painful moments that turned into days that became months have now become one year. And I'm grateful to say that the Lord has blessed me through my pain and through my joy this last year.

One year from today, I pray that the joy and peace I have been given will be granted to another family on my heart today. On a day full of bittersweet memories for my family, I have learned of the tragic loss of a fellow collegiate minister and his wife. Having been carried almost full-term, their baby was welcomed into the gates of heaven today where his life will be full of worship and praise with a perfect body, standing before a perfect God.

I can picture my babies welcoming him today...


Please pray for Justin and Tara Woods as they search for peace during these painful days that they would see glimpses of the Glory to be revealed in their lives.


danielle said...

praying for the woods. it is amazing to see how God has orchestrated events in your life so that you are able to bless others who are in situations similar to your own through your own pain and heartache. thankful he has blessed you with the perspective to remember with a grateful - instead of a bitter - heart. it's a beautiful thing to see - even if it's only through your blog. =) praying for continued health these last weeks of pregnancy.

Adrienne said...

Wow, that means that one year ago we were with you all at your parents' home. I am so thankful for God's grace and peace He has given you, and can't wait to see photos of the sweet baby girl soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a baby yet? Is she here???????

Anonymous said...

Do you have a baby yet? Update please!