Monday, October 29, 2007

Hi, my name is Peter

Yesterday in Sunday School we talked about Peter's denial of Christ in Mark. We talked about what would cause the change in Peter to be adamantly committed to being a follower of Christ then turning around and doing exactly what Christ predicted–denying Him three times.

Then I pictured myself as Peter, and pictured my workplace and community as the courtyard of the high priest. And I thought to myself, "how many times do I get totally empowered to be bold for Christ while I'm sitting in church on Sunday, and how many times do I enter my office with the purpose of representing Christ, like Peter did as he entered the courtyard...and most of the time I just keep to myself and my boldness becomes a little dimmer. How many times do I say "I'm sorry you're fighting with your husband. I'm sure it will work out." When I should be saying "I'm sorry you're fighting with your husband, but God has a purpose for this and I'll be praying for you." I may not deny Him, but the reflection is blurry.

Three times.

I'm no different.

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Jeff said...

Does a fathers heart good to hear that you are listening!