Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Better late than never...

This post is long overdue. And I apologize. In my design perfection mentality, I wanted to make sure the post after Utah was perfect and would wow my readers...all 5 of them! I'm in the process of transferring my pics, music and other personal files from my old computer to my new MacBook Pro I just got for my new job! (post to come later with pics of my new, but messy, home office).

Here are a few pics to start. I'll post some favorites at another time!

Most of the gang before a day of skiing

This one is sideways but it was a cool shot.

Do you see the mountains in the distance? They went on for miles!

Haylie ready to hit Park City in her puffy vest and furry boots!

This should just give you an idea of how much snow Utah has gotten.
This is a picture of the 4 feet we had on our back porch!

Josh, Me and Jason on the gondola - Day 1

The other side of the gondola - Frank, Lindsey and Matt

Halfway through day 1 hangin out in the lodge

Me, Kate and Lins

An evening on Main Street - Amanda, me and Frank

Olympic hopefuls - Me, Lins and Ashleigh (hiding her belly in the bobsled)

Hangin out - Matt, Frank and Zach

Right before our horse-drawn sleigh ride!

Haylie lovin on Uncle Matt on our day off

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