Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Welcome to Utah

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to post at the moment. I seem to be missing the cord that connects my camera to the computer in order to transfer the pictures. I will figure something out though. I thought I'd post quickly to update you on days 1 and 2 here in Park City.

We arrived at about 10:30am sunday morning (that's 12:30 east coast time) and immediately traveled to our "house". When we arrived a little after 12:30pm (west coast time), we discovered that the rental company made a (huge) mistake and put our group of 15 people in a house that slept about 9. Mind you, we have a baby, a pregnant woman and a 7 foot tall man in the group. We hadn't eaten anything since we left home at about 5 am that day so needless to say this didn't help the crankiness :). To make a long story short, we got major upgrades for our trouble. The only other place that would sleep 15 people in all of Park City was a (huge) house in Deer Valley, a very posh, upscale town about 2 miles from Park City. Our new upgrade has 5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, 2 living rooms and sweet kitchen and an indoor hot tub! Definitely a blessing in disguise.

Today, for our first day of skiing, we took the shuttle to The Canyons resort for a full day of skiing. I'm pooped. It was a struggle to get back into the hang of it since it's been over a year since I skied last and that was only my first time anyway. Hopefully tomorrow I'll do a little better. My feet and legs are killing me. Oh, and we saw 3 moose on the mountains. Very cool.

I'll write more tomorrow hopefully with pictures to add!


Carrie said...

So I just read your comment on Nate's blog and laughed out loud, because I was also wondering what font that he uses for his videos. I thought to myself, Katie is probably wondering the same thing. I am not kidding, I really did think that! Love you! Where are those promised pictures?

katie lynn said...

How funny! Sorry about the lack of pictures. I left the cord to download them at home. My camera is really full so I hope to publish a bunch when I get home.

Love you.