Monday, March 3, 2008


Last night, our church held a church-wide "Wii night" at various members' houses. It was the first time I played Wii and I've often heard it said that it can be quite the work out. Oh boy, were they right! I participated in several very intense boxing matches and broke a sweat quite early....and I'm feelin it today! All those jabs and uppercuts shows me what an awesome workout boxing can be!

Lisa and Emily boxing it up

Emily illustrating that when you get knocked out (down) you have
to shake the controllers over and over to get your strength back up.
Funniest part.

Our friend's Matt and Pete playing


Carrie said...

Where was your Wii Party?

katie lynn said...

Emily's in-laws...the Troutman's in mom and dad's neighborhood.

Amy said...

i can't get your videos to play...did you take them down?

katie lynn said...

weird! The bottom one plays for me....but your'e right about the other one. Not sure why.