Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden update

One thing I've enjoyed this spring and summer is trying my hand at gardening. I haven't updated in awhile so I went out and snapped some pics during my daily walk through my garden. I'm absolutely amazed that these things came from seeds! Enjoy these before and after shots and see the growth thats taken place!

I also transplanted some of my flowers along with some new ones to my make-shift planters. We had some old soda crates downstairs that we used for planters. This weekend, I picked up a couple more 7-up soda crates that I'll be adding to the deck.

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Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Love the planters!

They remind me a little bit of our five-gallon bucket garden . . . we currently have four tomato plants and three pepper plants thriving in five-gallon buckets in our backyard! Not as pretty as your soda crates, but they do have a certain rugged appeal. :)