Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catching up

I have to get over the fact that I can't always dedicate a whole post to a specific group of pictures. I've take a ton over the last couple of weeks so I figured to relieve myself of the burden of a loaded memory card, I'll just post them in one big post with a (brief) description of the happenings of my life in the last few weeks. I didn't have the time to edit the photos at all so here they are straight from the camera. Here it goes...

Visiting Kelly, MJ and Maddie in Northern VA.

Maddie getting rid of some gas...

Hangin out on the floor

Impromptu girls night with Nikki and Jen and their little girls (little over a week apart) Kaelyn and Brooke.
They're leaning in like they're posing for the pic. so funny.

Alexis eating a fudgecicle. Aunt Jen helping her get it all over her face!

The end of the night, we played Wii boxing after the husbands joined us after their Bible study.

I knocked Matt out

We had the Gibson girls over for dinner with Dad Stan and our friend Ken. We played in the backyard and the girls were SO sweaty at the end of the night.

Macy chased this "butterfly" (moth) around for 30 minutes

Jenna trying to keep cool (notice the sweaty hair)

Macy playing cornhole with Jenna and Matt. Notice the intensity on her face

Cute Macy

Sadie B feeling SO hot

Forcing Jenna to smile. it looks like she has to go the bathroom.

That's better

Jumping Macy

Piggy backs for Jenna and Macy


Sadie just played with the colored pencils

Sadie the athlete

Last weekend on our way back from DC (for work) we stopped in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor for Phillips All-you-can-eat seafood buffet!



Wyatt playing the drums in grandpa's office. He also plays the guitar. I'll post videos later.

Watching his shadows on the wall


I met my friend Heather (mother of the Gibson girls above) at the mall one night for dinner and she brought along her 4 year old, Jenna. FULL of personality.

Chowing down a Cinnabon!

This is how she walked through the mall for a while

Throwing pennies in the fountain

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