Monday, April 13, 2009


Even at the highest points, standing on my tip-toes to see the Light of Glory on the horizon, I still feel the cold and emptiness of this darkness. It creeps in so quickly and stings my heart, triggering the tears. I can rarely stop it.

When I feel like I'm being restored in one part of my heart, I feel another part of me crumble. I found these lyrics online tonight that remind to there is more to my story. There is a glorious hope existing at this moment ready to be found...I hope everyone can see it...

Life breaks and falls apart, But we know these are
where grace is soon to be so amazing
They may be unfulfilled
, They may be unrestored

But when anything that’s shattered

Is laid before the Lord

Just watch and see

It will not be


- Selah

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Kendy said...

Have you read the blog of one of the wives of the singers from Selah? If not I will have to send you the link.

Still praying for you every time I think of you (which has been a lot).