Sunday, January 20, 2008

A weekend away

I spent the weekend in Easton, PA visiting Matt's cousin, Lindsey along with my sister-in-law, Kayte. We had a nice time doing girl stuff. We went to see the chic-flick, "27 Dresses", we shopped, we watched reality TV and we ate (junk) food. We had a nice time laughing about things only girls think are funny and enjoyed the relaxing weekend with no agenda.

When we got back tonight, we went over to my in-laws' house for dinner. My niece, Haylie loves when we wrap her up in the blanket and swing her. And this is what she typically looks like, with a full head of static electricity, as she asks for "more". Haylie learned to sign but when she's so excited, she tends to combine the signs for "more" and "please" by pecking her fingers on her chest violently saying, "pleesh, pleesh." Quite entertaining...for both of us.

We calmed the static and helped grandma give her a bath.

I LOVED this picture of her big smile. As I was snapping photos she kept saying "shmeel" (smile).

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