Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend in Washington (well, close to there)

This weekend Matt and I went to visit his cousins in the D.C. area. Matt's cousin Kelly and her husband MJ let us stay in their guest bedroom. Kelly just found out she'll be having a girl in May! His other cousin, Brandon came up from Lynchburg, VA with his wife Ashleigh, also expecting a baby in May! The eldest cousin, Jason and his wife Shawna have a two year old Braden who celebrated his birthday on Sunday! The youngest cousin, Lindsey came with her 7-foot-tall boyfriend, Jamie. It was quite funny to see everyone's reaction when Braden referred to him as "Uncle Jamie."

Braden had a lot of presents to open for his birthday–and he was grateful for every one of them! You've never seen a two year old just as excited to open up a pair of jeans or a jacket as he would be to get a truck or a football. He'd see a wrapped box and scream, "Presents for Braden!?" Then once he ripped it open he'd yell, "JEEEEAAAANNNS!!!" He's a great kid. Lins got him a tricycle and Jas had to put it together for him. He was so excited–kept saying "Braden's bike!" He got a tool set for Christmas and was helping his dad put together his bike. Jas would ask MJ or Matt for a screwdriver and as fast he could, Braden would say, "here dad," and hand him his toy screw driver. So cute.

Braden got a football jersey from his football coach uncle, Brandon and some sunglasses from his football coach grandpa, "Pop."

Pregnant Kelly ^

Pregnant Ashleigh ^

Braden's Bike!

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