Saturday, May 3, 2008

all in a week...

So I thought I'd do one big post summing up the events of this past week. It was jammed with big events so this post will be picture heavy with short and sweet descriptions. I actually didn't even catch everything on camera so you'll just have to use our imagination. Here goes.

Saturday (technically last week, but play along) Matt and I built a new shed for our yard - a step closer to organization and actually getting things out of our basement. I didn't get a picture but I'm sure you'll see it at some point. Then, Matt left to go practice with the Philadelphia Barrage, a professional lacrosse team he was invited to practice with. If he impresses the coach, he could be drafted next year!

I drove up to Philly with Matt for his first professional lacrosse debut! Well, ok, it was only a scrimmage, but he was so excited. It was super cold and I had to sit on wet bleachers, but it was totally worth it!

Monday-Wednesday: Most of the beginning of the week was spent planning Matt's surprise birthday party (we'll discuss later on in the post) and our church's Celebration Service for our new building. I've been working with another friend of ours on the new church logo and other collateral for the service and this weeks project was to construct an oversized styro-foam logo to be hung on the stage. Needless to say my living room was covered in styro-foam and scraps.

Wednesday night, I met my friend from college, Kelsey, in Philadelphia for the Phillies baseball game. We took the train into the city which was quite an experience. We had great seats, thanks to Kelsey's boss - 9th row on the 3rd base line. We talked and talked and talked throughout the whole game, and the whole train ride home (which we almost missed). It was good to connect with an old friend.

Thursday was a big day - May 1st, Matt's birthday. All week I had been conspiring with Matt's friends for a surprise birthday party. Matt came home from lacrosse practice to find his friends trickling in, one by one to see him. All in all, we had about 25 people (and 3 kids) here. We settled in by 9:00 with everyone to catch this week's episode of The Office.

Matt's friend Meech who insisted on ruining our picture.

Alexis eating her cake

And of course, no party is complete without some horse lips

Friday, I spent some time in the afternoon at our church preparing for the service. We worked on our styro-foam sign a bit more. I went with my friend Emily to IKEA to find some things for the church and while I was there I found the deal of a lifetime. We strolled through the As-Is section and I spotted a beautiful white headboard - FOR $10! I snatched it up, along with it's matching foodboard for our guest bedroom. (sorry, no pic yet)

Friday night I went with Amy to our friend Jen's house (seen in the horselips pic above) for a little girls night out. We sat around and talked and laughed until well after midnight!

Saturday, today, I spent the first half of the day at the church again finishing and hanging the sign. We were proud of the finished product! It will look fantastic at the service tomorrow!

Phew, I'm exhausted.

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Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

You should be exhausted! What a week!