Friday, May 16, 2008


This weekend, Matt and I are traveling to Northern VA to visit the newest member of the family, Madelyn Jeanne Wivell. Madelyn's cousin, Chamberlin Brooke was born just a 12 days earlier. Congrats Ashleigh & Brandon and to Kelly & MJ! Can't wait to see you!

I'm sure I'll have a couple gigs of photos on my camera to post when I get home!


The Hulocks said...

Hey Katie! Did you add the graphics to the pictures of these two cute kids? If so, what did you use to do it? It looks so cool and I would love to try it with some of our photos. Let me know when you get a chance and enjoy your time with the little ones. You will have to have one sometime soon! :)

katie lynn said...

Hey Danielle! I use Adobe Photoshop to edit some of my photos (like the blog after this one - of the baby and Braden). I also like adding graphics sometimes too (again, in photoshop). I download illustrations at and just changed the color of them then added them in. I was a graphic design major....thats where I picked it all up.

Thanks for reading!