Thursday, May 29, 2008


Some of you may know of the family in PA, the Bruders, that I used to babysit for since their oldest, Lilly, was about 2 months old. She just turned 3 in April! Their second, Kate, just turned one at the beginning of this month. They were nice enough to invite us down to their home in the Outer Banks, NC for a couple of days before Memorial Day. Matt and I drove down Thursday night and arrived at about 10pm. We spend all of Friday and Saturday on the beach and we had GREAT weather. A little rain on Saturday morning quickly cleared up to blue skies! It was so fun to be with Paul and Kathy and to see how Lilly has grown up and and how different Kate is from Lilly! Here are a few pics of our weekend. Most of them are of Lilly and Kate, but there are a few of the other events of the weekend.

Kate is always eating! - even the sand!

Feeding the turtles - there were like 20 of them. Creepy.

Creepy turtles

The girls....pouncing on dad

Eating a cheesesteak - my name sake really takes after me!

Eating yummy seafood at Steamers

Kathy, Kate, Katie, Lilly

Kate eating....chicken

Kate eating...her blanket

Sweet girl!

Kate eating...something brown?

Lilly wants to feed the turtles...Kate wants to eat the turtles

The Bruders! Thanks for having us!

And thanks for the sunburn!


Carrie said...

Is she really named after you?

katie lynn said...

Not particularly. Her name is Kathrine but they call her katie & kate. We have the same name - Not sure of their intentions.

Katy said...

I love the picture of Lilly on the swing!