Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's not my battle...

I started writing two posts this morning...mostly complaining and talking about my view of this situation as cruelty and how it all seems a little unfair. I never finished them because pushing "publish post" would only show my defeat and failure and would chalk up a victory for the devil. Then Matt, who I realize more and more each day is hurting just as much, shared this podcast with me by Perry Noble. He listened to it during his very teary run this morning...and I'm glad I listened, too.

I was hit hard at about the 25:00 minute's like it was addressed from God, "To Katie."

It's saturday. You have the time to listen. I needed, and I'm sure others do too. Even if life is good for you and pain is so distant, listen anyway.

Publish post. Victory chalked up to Christ.


Leslie said...

coach i love you so very much. i'm so sorry and if i can every do anything to help you please let me know. your such an inspiration to me and all the other girls on the team that you have ALWAYS kept your faith and you always bring us back to Jesus. He loves you very very much and i love you too. <3

Adrienne said...

So good to see you guys the other night. We have prayed for you and thought of you often since then. May you feel Jesus' arms around you in a real and powerful way today.