Monday, September 28, 2009

out of the mouths of babes....

I think God uses children to share emotions and encouragement that sometimes, we adults, could sure learn from. They are so honest and sincere and are blessed to not be burdened about "saying the right thing". I've been blessed by several kids in my life over the last 9 months that I thought I'd bless you (three) with. Some will make you smile (as they did for me) and some may make you cry (as they also did for me). Maybe it will help in how you encourage someone who is hurting.

"Miss Katie, I'm sorry your baby died." - Jenna G. (5yrs)

"Auntie Katie, you don't got a baby in 'der anymore?" (followed by a gentle touch on my belly and big hug) - Wyatt (3yrs)

Haylie (3yrs): "Why is Aunt Katie Lynn so sad?"
Mother-in-law: "Well, God took her baby to heaven."
Haylie: "Well, I'm gonna ask Him to give it back."

**Prior to the next conversation, I shared with Jenna that we really only had a few girls names picked out and we even talked about naming the baby after her (which made her smile).**
Jenna: "Mom, I know why Miss Katie's baby died"
Heather: "Why, Jenna?"
Jenna: "Because the baby was a boy, and Miss Katie really wanted her Jenna Claire. So God took it."

"Miss Katie, I'm sorry your baby died again." - Jenna G.

Wyatt: "Auntie Katie, you sad because your baby died?"
Me: "Yeah, bud."
Wyatt: "Where is your baby?"
Me: "In heaven with Jesus."
Wyatt: "We get you a new baby."
Me: "Oh yeah? how?"
Wyatt: "We get some tape, and a band-aid (pretending to put a band-aid on my belly) and we get you a new one."
Me: "Where will we get a new baby?"
Wyatt: "From Gramma's belly."

: "Miss Katie, I know why your baby died."
Me: "Why, Jenna?"
Jenna: "Because Jesus needed more babies up there with him in heaven."

"Auntie Katie, I get you another baby from the hospital." - Wyatt


poetry4u2luv said...

Isn't it a beautiful thing to know that God can use such a tiny being to bring us such a huge smile? Sometimes the most comforting to our aching hearts.

danielle said...

my pastor friend just commented the other day how we should be mimicking the faith of little children and not the other way around. thanks for sharing your conversations. =)

Just and Kel said...

Those convos are so sweet.

Shell said...

Katie -

You are one strong woman of God. I am encouraged by your faith and peace in our Lord.

Carrie said...

So sweet! I bet your Mom doesn't like the idea of getting you another baby from her belly :) We keep praying for you guys!

stephanie garcia said...

Hi Katie,

I followed a trail of college friends' and acquaintances' blogs tonight until I stumbled upon yours and read your story.

I am sorry about the loss of your babies. A passage that encouraged me after my miscarriage in 2006 was the story of Jesus with the little children. He told His disciples, "for of such is the kingdom of Heaven" and as I read it, for the first time I took that phrase literally and envisioned the millions of children running joyfully through the streets and fields of Heaven, our baby included.

I pray the Lord will comfort you and show you his perfect plan to fill your empty arms. God bless you.


Adrienne said...

Oh cute those kids comments are! I'm still thinking of you often. Hope God is showing Himself to be strong in your life. Blessings to you, Adrienne