Monday, September 21, 2009

where would I be...

If I were still pregnant...

...I'd probably be proudly flaunting a growing bump.
...I would no doubt still be complaining about nausea and exhaustion.
...I would be eating guilt free over the holidays.
...I'd have picked paint colors for the nursery.
...Matt and I would have added a name to our family list.
...My fall "non-pregnant" clothes would be packed away, replaced by
elastic waistlines and long, loose-fitting shirts.
...I'd be registering at Baby's-R-Us for my upcoming showers.
...I'd test Matt's diaper-changing skills.
...I would take guilt-free naps.
...I'd (shamefully) be missing my Mt. Dew.
...I'd probably be acting pretty self-centered with the excuse, "blame
the hormones."
...I'd probably be annoying you (my three blog readers) with details of
every kick and wiggle in my belly.

Without Christ...

...I'd be on my way to hell and eternal suffering.
...I probably wouldn't be married to my best friend. Maybe
even divorced. pain would be followed with more emptiness.
...I would live in guilt with no escape.
...I may be in jail.
...I could be dead.
...I would fail to forgive and probably lead a bitter life.
...I would probably be an alcoholic or drug addict.
...I wouldn't understand love.
...I would never embrace the gifts of grace and mercy.
...I would have no hope.

I'll take hope and salvation any day.

Thankful to be right here.


Laura said...

Love you Katie girl:) count me in as one of the three:)

jlanders said...

Katie, thanks so much for your inspiration. You inspire me to know Christ better...

Anonymous said...

Count me in too:) Love you and still praying everyday!

Kelly said...

Make that 4 blog readers! I love you girl and am praying for you. God has something incredible planned i know!

Katy said...

I'd say you have a few more than 3 blog readers. Our family alone makes up for about 8! I am so proud of you and have learned so much at the expense of your pain. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I may be your mom, but I don't always know what is going on inside that sweet head and heart of yours. I will always - always - love you!

Carrie said...

you inspire me.


Andrea said...

You don't know me, and we've never met...I was actually directed here from a friend's facebook page. I'm so thankful for what you're writing and who you are in Christ. You're an inspiration to me, and your faith really makes me want to seek the Lord even more. Thank you for your testimony.