Thursday, November 13, 2008


Day of Thanksgiving #10: Change of season. As I sat in my dining room with 6 other ladies making Christmas cards, it only felt appropriate to be playing Christmas music. As each of us were bopping our heads and harmonizing with Bing Crosby, Wham, and the Backstreet Boys at the most appropriate moments, I found myself energized with the season upon us. As Matt said this weekend, "I'm just going to be REALLY into Christmas this year," (eyes open wide with childlike excitement). I thought about how thankful I am for any change of season. Whether it's spring changing into summer, the start of the holiday season, or a transition in my life that will teach me new things - I'm just thankful for a new start. Something to look forward to. Fun and mystery on the horizon.

It's a new season, folks. Put a smile on. Be thankful.

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