Monday, November 17, 2008


Day of Thanksgiving #15: Rain. It's good for the ground and trees in the summer. It's good for people's allergies in the spring. It's good for making memories. I have a lot of memories of rain. Running and jumping in the knee deep puddles in front of the house I grew up in. Training for my marathon - 8 miles in the rain. Hearing the rain on the flap protecting us from getting wet in the Algonquin after a long day of hiking and carrying our canoes over our heads. So many memories.

I made a new memory on Saturday. We sat at Uncle Barry's football game at Gettysburg the pouring. down. rain. I shared an umbrella with Matt's cousin Kelly - a huge golf umbrella. But, the wind was so strong and the rain came so hard, that the entire right half of my body was drenched. We were cold and wet but the only thing we could do was laugh.

I'm thankful for the rain and memories we make in it.

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Kelly said...

No kidding! That is a memory I will always have! We survived the monsoon!